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What We Do?

Borzoi Group staff  helps provide investors with market research, details on the economic climate, potential translation services and other necessary information for potential business ventures.

We  will be able to assist investors with navigating domestic guidelines and regulations including the drafting of a feasibility study, required in order to submit an investment proposal, and registering as a company with the Ministry of Trade, required to do business in Iraq.

Borzoi Group can introduce potential investors to various public and private sector contacts along with creating a business network with domestic partners.

Investments in Iraq has tremendous potential to benefit both investors and the Iraqi people. Borzoi Group connects investors with profitable projects that address Iraq’s most critical needs, and to ensure that the process is simple and easy.

Logistics support: Borzoi Group will help potential investors with business visa applications, making hotel reservations, and arranging for airport pickup and hotel transfers. 

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Our mission is to grow investment relation between Iraq and the U.S.

Borzoi Groups role is not limited to managing international investors, but with the interaction and exposure  with the private sector along with our relationships  with international business, gives us the insight edge required to make regulatory recommendations that can improve the business climate in Iraq. 


Investment in Iraq has tremendous potential to benefit both investors and the Iraqi people. Borzoi Groups responsibility is  connecting investors with profitable projects and assisting with any and all needs for both nations to build a bigger and stronger economy.